The future MVRHS Library: a Global Learning Center

On any given school day, students are reading, researching, and writing. We are also actively building projects, shooting video, recording podcasts and music, prototyping with 3D printing, presenting TED-style talks, coding, and inventing in the MVRHS library. We are working alone and in groups of all sizes.  We can’t do all of these well in the space that we have. We need up-to-date learning spaces that the whole school can use. This is our vision for a Global Learning Center.

Holocaust Survivor Sami Steigmann: “By Forgiving Others, You Forgive Yourself”

Sami Steigmann

Photo credit: Junior Teles

MVRHS students had the extraordinary fortune to meet Holocaust survivor Sami Steigmann on Tuesday, May 12th.  In a series of talks to large groups of students in the library, he greatly impressed everyone.  In spite of his life story, being a child of Holocaust survivors and a Holocaust survivor himself, he remains positive. “In every calamity there is an opportunity.”   Special thanks to Dr. Elaine Weintraub and her organizing committee for inviting him to MVRHS. The organizing committee: Jason Lages, Jr. Teles, Gabe Nunes, Michael Morris, Thomas O’Shaughnessy and Annie Ollen.

Geological discoveries at the Gay Head Lighthouse

Photo credit: CNN

Photo credit: CNN

Thanks to an invitation by Chris Connors, on Thursday June 11th, we had the fortune to meet research geologist Byron Stone, Ph.D. of the U.S. Geological Survey. Dr. Stone was the chief geologist at the 135-foot moving of the Gay Head Lighthouse. His research helped determine the most effective new location for the lighthouse. In unearthing the area around the lighthouse, several important geological discoveries were made, including a new understanding of the age of these glacial deposits, and a theory about what the land may have looked like many thousands of years ago.

Silas Berlin: Outward Bound

Silas Berlin (class of 2016) gave a talk about his Outward Bound trip this past March to Leadville, CO. It was an 8-day backcountry ski/ride course focused, among other things, on avalanche/snowpack safety and winter camping.